Meeting location, Date, and Time: Every Thursday before the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Sundays, at 

7:00 pm in the Chapel

Mission: Manifesting God’s presence through unified worship.

Synopsis: The Voices of the City, under the guidance of our Director of Music and Arts, Minister Martrice Clark, is comprised of Spirit filled believers who are committed to manifesting God’s presence through unified worship. VOC, as we are called, ministers a diverse catalog of Christ focused songs, which are chosen by our leader through prayer every week. Through our worship, the VOC seeks to make tangible the words of our founder, Apostle Betty Peebles, who always reminded us that we are “Performing for an Audience of One.” Those words guide our ministry every time we gather. 




Meeting location, Date, and Time:  Rehearsal is Thursday before the 4th Sunday, in the Chapel at 7:00 pm.  We minister in song every 4th Sunday

Mission: Manifesting God’s presence through unified worship. 

Synopsis: For ages 13-35



Meeting location, Date, and Time: Thursdays from 7:00-9:00 pm in the Angels of the City Dance Room.

Mission: The Angels of the City Dance Ministry is a ministry ordained by God to express exuberant praise and worship unto God just as the angels in heaven worship before the throne night and day (Revelation 7:11 & Hebrews 1:14).

Synopsis: To demonstrate relationship and connection to God in our praise and worship through dance.To equip the dancer/dance team with biblical understanding and practical tools to minister unto the Lord through dance, usher in His presence, and create an atmosphere of joy and freedom through anointed movements. To mature in our calling and gifting as we serve God and His people at The City of Praise Family Ministries and our community. 




Mission: Our mission is to save families one soul at a time through musical plays and skits.

Synopsis: The Drama Ministry produces projects that educate, entertain, and encourage each spectator, while aligning with our Ministry’s mission of “Saving families one soul at a time.” Our script is based on biblical and historical facts. Through our training and rehearsals, actors are learning from acting coaches and industry professionals on a high level. 




Meeting location, Date, and Time: Sundays, 10:00 am in the Main Sanctuary

Mission: Our mission is to ensure that any service at the church runs smoothly.

Synopsis: The Production ministry is responsible for ensuring that any service held at the church is orderly and without technical mishaps. We handle all types of events, such as Sunday Services, Conferences, Homegoing Celebrations, Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, etc. Our ministry is the liaison for every other ministry at the church.



Meeting location, Date, and Time: COPFM control room every Thursday at 6:30pm

Mission: Using technology to save one soul at a time.

Synopsis: Our purpose is to operate all audio, video, and technical equipment at the church, as well as enhancing and troubleshooting live-streaming service.  We train staff and volunteers in operating audio-video equipment. 



Meeting Location, Date and Time: Quarterly. 3rd Sunday in the months of January, April, July and October. Please reach out to our office by calling 301-333-0500 to get further instructions / registration for christening. 

Ministry Mission: Christening dedication of children, ages infant to 11 years. 




Meeting location, Date, and Time: 2nd and 3rd Sundays at 10:00 am in the Agape Hall.

Mission: Provide God’s Word through activity and Bible lessons

Synopsis: – Creating a safe space where tweens, ages 10-12, can share, be encouraged, and learn about God. 



Meeting location, Date, and Time: 2nd and 3rd Sundays during the 10 am service in the Agape Hall

Mission: To break down God’s Word so that children can learn about God on their level

Synopsis: Using age appropriate hands on and fun activities, this ministry seeks to teach God’s Word. All activities are designed to be interactive. Children, ages 4-9,  will leave with a greater understanding of Jesus Christ. 


Meeting location, Date, and Time:  2nd and 3rd Sundays in the Bishop’s Hall at 10:30 am

Mission: Our mission is to create a safe and fun environment where teens, ages 13-18, can learn Godly and biblical principles, and apply the Word to their everyday lives.

Synopsis: Our trained youth leaders use interactive tools to engage all learning styles to enable them to create a genuine relationship and connection with Christ.  They are allowed a safe space to express their thoughts and questions while on their walk with Christ. 


Meeting location, Date, and Time: Text TheBlock to 54244 for gathering dates. You may also join our GroupMe chat to be the first to receive updates and build a stronger and personal connection with the youth and young adults in our church. To join, use the following link:

Mission: Our mission is to provide a safe, inclusive, and nonjudgmental space for teens and young adults to learn and grow spiritually.

The COPFM Youth (ages 13-18) & Young Adults (ages 19-35) ministry is spearheaded by ordained ambassadors/leaders who cater to each person in the specific age group. We gather for weekly bible studies, monthly scheduled activity events, and spontaneous dinner plans. We focus on developing friendships outside of Sunday service and having an accountability team to support each person through his/her spiritual journey. 




Meeting location, Date, and Time: Presently meeting via ZOOM, R2C sessions can be found on Eventbrite and the COPFM website. Scheduled workshops are usually held on the 4th Sunday of any month.

Mission: The Road to College Ministry (R2C) has the mission of assisting all individuals interested in attending post secondary institutions, colleges and universities to gain admission into their institution of choice.

Synopsis: R2C assists students in all phases of college readiness, including assistance with resumes, activity sheets, awareness of tools for standardized testing and scholarships, and the payment of application fees. Hands-on workshops help students master the college application process.  R2C will pay the application fees for three colleges of a student’s choice as well as the  HBCU college application. 



Mission: The mission of the COPFM Education Ministry is to provide opportunities to educate, encourage and motivate the youth to achieve their goals and become successful and productive adults.  

Synopsis: The COPFM Education Ministry recognizes and promotes youth achievement, educational opportunities and academic support. We foster academic excellence in a Christian environment that follows children from Pre-K through College, and believe that all children should have the chance to be successful scholars. 




Meeting location, Date, and Time: Every Monday at 7:00 pm in the Agape Hall.  Each class is 5 weeks

Synopsis: 2 Timothy 2:15 – “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 




Meeting location, Date, and Time: Last Tuesday or Thursday of each month on Zoom

Mission: Our mission is to create a platform that values and recognizes the contribution of teachers to education.  This ministry supports teachers and other education professionals so that they are equipped to advance their role in fulfilling the promise of public education and preparing  the next generation of leaders.

Synopsis: The Teachers Matter Ministry is dedicated to elevating teachers and advancing the teaching profession by providing a family and a safe space for teachers to share their passion. It provides social emotional support, resources, scholarships, and professional development to build teacher capacity. We are a community of support, strength and resource that caters to teachers in our broader community 



Meeting location, Date, and Time: Quarterly/Launching monthly in January 2023

Mission: To Equip & Empower young men to prosper in their communities by teaching them Christian principles and lifestyles.

Synopsis: The COPFM Men’s Mentoring Ministry connects, covers and curates Kingdom Warriors who are unified and prospering in their Godly purpose. The Ministry shows young men the way to lead Godly lifestyles — Man 2 Man. It serves to build up the community with Kingdom Warriors by equipping young men for their Kingdom Purpose. This Ministry promotes unification of the City of Praise Family Ministries (COPFM). 




Mission: Our mission is to provide a forum for men, ages 18 and above, for sharing , fellowship, learning and outreach services that follow the mandated integrity of Christ

Synopsis: A Strong Mountain Moving Men’s experience where males of all ages can come and engage in a place of safety and confidentiality.

A biblical and socially based atmosphere for open discussion with other Christ-like brothers. This is a “For Men Only” private workshop.

Come to be “Emptied out”, Be “Educated” by the Word, and leave feeling “Empowered” to “Engage” within your community. 





Mission: To foster an international environment of Kingdom culture, genuine love, humanitarian support and bonded sisterhood.

Synopsis: A premier woman’s ministry in the nation and the world. We will achieve this goal by being one unified body at all times, working together harmoniously, and demonstrating God’s loving kindness and patience to everyone with whom we come in contact. 




Meeting location, Date, and Time: Saturdays, 10:00 am, Live in the Academy and Virtual

Mission: Getting and staying Fit for The Kingdom.

Synopsis: We are like-minded people supporting one another in our fitness journeys. We include exercise and diet as a major part of the Christian Experience. And, we make it FUN! 



Contact: or call 301-333-0500 for more information

Mission: Our Mission is to help individuals strengthen their bodies so that they may fulfill their purpose.

Synopsis: The COPFM is excited to implement our very own fitness program at the church. This will be a 10-week transformational program on Saturday Mornings. We are looking forward to helping people grow physically, mentally and spiritually. 






Meeting location, Date, and Time: Tuesday at 7:00 pm, in person and virtually, as needed.

Synopsis: Confidentiality proves that this ministry is a safe place.  It is engaging, with classroom discussion and homework interaction, helping with individual needs before and after you say, “I do.”  We care, and we believe in a divorce free zone. 



Meeting location, Date and Time: 4th Thursdays at 8:00 pm via zoom. Zoom information is sent via COPFM text stream. Join now by texting “COP” to 54255

Mission: It is the vision and mission of the Singles Ministry to see singles prosper spiritually, emotionally, financially and socially. It is our goal to minister to the needs of ALL singles

Synopsis: The Singles Ministry recognizes that it is important to empower Christian singles to live a life that is pleasing to Christ. We also realize that not all singles desire to marry. The ministry offers Bible study and activities designed to minister to the diversity of our singles – divorced, widowed, waiting on marriage, or no desire to be married. Our goal is to impact a whole community of singles for Jesus. 



Meeting location, Date, and Time: When necessary

Mission: Combining faith with psychology, integrating the mind, body and spirit to manifest relational wholeness with God, self and others.

Synopsis: The ministry provides short term counseling and grief support to those in need.. Referrals to additional supportive services within and outside the City of Praise are provided as well. 



Meeting location, Date, and Time: 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Academy Building. Please contact us before arriving. 

Mission: To set at liberty them that are captive.

Synopsis: The Prison Ministry is designed to provide spiritual guidance and direction to the incarcerated, support those released in the halfway transition process and prevention of  recidivism. 



Contact: or call 301-333-0500 for more information

Mission: Our mission is to serve our members when one of their loved ones has gone to be with the Lord Jesus Christ.  We ask God to strengthen, comfort, guide and give them peace during their time of bereavement. We assist them with loving kindness and tender mercies, following in the footsteps of Jesus.



Meeting location, Date, and Time: Friday evenings, 6:30-9:30 pm

Mission: The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is to encourage fellowship, provide hope, and  celebrate God’s healing power in our lives as we work our way along the road to recovery. We are changed as we share our experiences, strengths and hopes with one another

Synopsis: Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered ministry that gives people the resources and relationships to help find a new way of living. This ministry is for anyone struggling with past or current hurts, habits, or hang-ups, whether they are affecting their own life or the lives of those around them. 




Meeting location, Date, and Time: Every Thursday, 4:30-6:00 pm

Synopsis: The food pantry ministry seeks to meet the needs of the community by providing meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread and other items necessary to make healthy meals. Families and individuals can also obtain clothing through the ministry. The ministry provides love, encouragement and prayer to those going through difficult times. 



Lead: Pastor Ylawnda Peebles


Meeting location, Date, and Time: Visit for details on calendar event

Mission: Inspiring mankind to embrace the consciousness of equanimity that promotes enlightenment, healing and freedom.


Healing – The Hope University approach to aiding students in developing spiritual, emotional and psychological proficiency.

Optimism -The Hope University fosters an environment that allows its students to both envision and experience life from its purest perspective.

Passionate – reflects the excitement for life and the precious appreciation for each moment drenched with ebullient Hope.

Enough – reflects the approach to life which The Hope University encourages. A quality of outstanding effort and the enjoyment of its fruit. 


Lead: Pastor Ylawnda Peebles

Meeting location, Date, and Time: Every Tuesday & Thursday at 7:00 pm on City of Praise Family Ministries Facebook page

Mission: The mission of The Gratitude Journey is to provide women and men tools to apply biblical principles such as kindness, gratefulness, and the gift of giving in everyday life.

Synopsis: The Gratitude Journey is led by Pastor Ylawnda, where she takes on new topics every month based on the needs of her students. She inspires her students to become the best version of themselves. She gets to know each student and guides them through the different things that life may bring. Some have said that the Gratitude Journey has saved their lives in many ways. 



Meeting location, Date, and Time: Once a month as needed.

Mission: The mission of the Job Resource Center is to prepare and connect church members and the community to the world of work by providing the job seeker the knowledge and education that most companies require to obtain a job. 




Meeting location, Date, and Time: 1st Saturday of each month @ 10 am

Mission: The mission of the COPFM Greeters is to bless everyone who enters the doors of the church with a warm welcome of love.



Meeting location, Date, and Time: Quarterly. Please call our office at 301-333-0500 to get further information on registration. 

Mission: To baptize all believers in the Name of the Lord Jesus, for the remission of their sins. 


Meeting location, Date, and Time: Monday through Friday, 12:00 pm in the Chapel

Mission: Luke 18:1 – And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;




Meeting location, Date, and Time: Sundays immediately following Service 12:00-1:00pm

Synopsis: The COPFM City Store is a spiritually safe haven providing more than merchandise.

We serve in Love, offering Hope and Healing in an extraordinary culture, meeting the needs of the entire family and proclaiming Jesus Christ as man’s only hope and Lord. 



Mission: To embrace the beautiful spirit of the Seasoned Saints (Seniors) of God here at the City of Praise Family Ministries.

Synopsis: “Aged 2 Perfection Seasoned Saints Seniors Minister”

  1. That we, the Seniors, be example-setters for the youth and young adults.
  2. Be ready to assist young men and women with the Word of God, to uplift and encourage in times of unforeseen situations.
  3. That we together enjoy the life here at the COPFM as God has so graciously allowed us. 



Meeting location, Date, and Time: 2nd Sunday, 8:30 am in the Glory Hall

Mission: The Mission of the COPFM “Go Getters” Transportation Ministry is to provide everyone with an extraordinary transportation experience to and from service.

Synopsis: Our purpose is to go and get the people of God and bring them to the ministry for a life changing experience. Our goal is to have 12 licensed CDL Drivers with at least a P Endorsement for Sundays and special trips. We seek to be able to expand picking up on Sundays at homeless shelters and different colleges and universities in the area. 


Contact: or call 301-333-0500 for more information

Mission: The mission of Security Relations is to provide a safe environment for the Bishop, Pastor and Congregation. It is also our goal to “reach one, teach one.” We will reach out to our members and young adults to train them in all aspects of security. In addition, we want to extend beyond security to minister to our members in developing character, discipline, and strong work ethics. 



Meeting location, Date, and Time: 2nd Saturday of the month, 10:00 am in the Main Sanctuary

Mission: The Mission of the Usher Ministry is to serve as the doorkeepers of the house. We greet  each person with love as we direct them to comfortable seating, and go the extra mile to ensure they have a joyful and sacred experience at the City of Praise Family Ministries.

Synopsis: The Usher Ministry is to serve every person that enters the City of Praise Family Ministries with a smile and love of God while providing seating, collecting offering and performing other services to promote Saving Families one Soul at a time. 


Contact: or call 301-333-0500 for more information

Meeting location, Date, and Time: Meets approximately twice per month via Zoom at 7:00 pm

Mission: “Win the lost at any cost” (1 Cor 9:22-23).  We are compelled to seek out those who are lost and impart to them the Gospel message (Mark 16:15).

Synopsis: We envision traditional outreach as well as organic forms of engagement within the community to communicate the message of Jesus Christ. To enhance the visibility of the Evangelism Ministry, our efforts will focus on corporate participation, visual presence and core groups 



Contact: or call 301-333-0500 for more information