PastorandBishopBe seen and Be heard on Real Love with Joel and Ylawnda

We are currently taping segments of Real Love with Joel and Ylawnda, a new show that will educate, inform, inspire and entertain you!

We would love for you to be seen on Real Love with Joel and Ylawnda!
Do you have questions about your relationship, about your marriage, raising your children, single parenting, health or what it takes to be follow God’s plan for your life?

Send in your questions or comments so that Bishop Joel and Pastor Ylawnda can address them on “Real Love with Joel and Ylawnda“. We want to hear from you now!
You can upload your video question or send your cell phone video to us here. 

send in your video submission:

  1. Record your question on your cell phone in a well-lit area.
  2. Then email it.
  3. Bishop Joel or Pastor Ylawnda just might answer your question!
  4. The second way to do this is almost just as easy:
  5. Record your question or comment on a webcam then click Submit button below, to upload your video.
  6. The valid files types are WMV, WMA, MOV or MP4.

We can’t wait for you to be seen or be heard on “Real Love with Joel and Ylawnda” so keep those videos coming!