One thought on “Shaye’s Story

  1. Shaye, prior to me moving to NC I was a member of Jericho City of Praise where Pastor Betty and Bishop peebles were ministring to us. From my ears to yours Ma Peebles taught us to “Seek First The Kindom Of God” & everything else will come! I know that we all are guilty of negative self talk but what I usually do is when that happens is say the opposite of wst Im thinking. So if you say I dont have any money to pay my bills; I’ll turnit it around and say “God you said you would supply all my needs. So I declear and Decree in the Nmae if Jesus that all my bills will be paid and you father will allow me to be a blessing to someone else. These things I pray in Jesus’ name Amen!!!
    So you say you want friends and a man? Hummm? When you pray be very specific, because you dont just want any man, and ne very specific about what types of friends you want because people come into you your life to bless or curse you. So when tou pray about these things make yourself a list of the characteristics you want in a friend and a man. God Bless you

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