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Dear Scholars and Parents of High School Seniors:

Join us for a ZOOM COLLEGE APPLICATION DAY. Students currently enrolled in R2C will have priority. Payment of application fees may be accomplished over multiple sessions at the discretion of R2C leaders.

Remember, R2C is open to all students who submit applications to become a member of the R2C ministry. You do not have to be a member of the City of Praise Ministries or any other church.

Please follow the link to obtain the R2C application forms and financial forms. These must be completed prior to receiving application payments.

Scholars will need internet access, a computer for the scholar, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, a computer that allows private browsing or incognito mode, and the ZOOM app which can be downloaded with the link that will be sent when you obtain your tickets. Parents are welcome to attend to assist their students’ however the student must be present on ZOOM in order to receive an application payment.

If the scholar is planning to use a school computer, the scholar should consider borrowing another computer as the school computer platform may not work with the R2C platform.

Remember — An R2C application and Financial Form must be completed prior to receiving services. The forms are located in the online page connected with this Eventbrite.

Hope to see you at the session.